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Kean Constantino

Kean Constantino is a licensed professional bartender with 10+ years of experience working in bars and restaurants. After her internship in Florida, she moved to Los Angeles, where she honed her talents, skills and gained her bartending license and certificates. She is now carrying with her more extensive experience under her belt.

Kean has handled and covered numerous and diverse events. She has been known to demonstrate a high level of expertise in bartending.

Kean is here to assure you that you need not to worry about your drinks and the whole bar on your special day!

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Her Story

Kean Constantino studied at De La Salle - College of St. Benilde in the Philippines with a degree in Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management and Vatel Institut of France. She was among the first batch of graduates who earned a double degree from the University.

Kean was also actively part of the University's Dance Company, St Benilde Romançon. She has been passionate about dancing since the age of 7 and can leave you in awe with her pirouettes, sautes, and glisse´. 

After her graduation, she did an exchange program intership at Hyatt Regency Jacksonville. This is where her professional career started. 

To hone her skills more, she attended Mr Louis Fasanelli's Bartending Class at Bartender's Training Institute. With Louis and his wife, Cindy as mentors, Kean worked hard to sharpen her skills and received her bartending license and holds an RBS Certification. 

Now based in Los Angeles, Kean used her extensive experience and started to offer mobile bar services at different house parties, mostly among her friends. As word spread about her top notch service, she began to extend her services to friends of friends and different networks.

With the demand taking off, Kean has now invested in modern equipment with finest and first rate tools, cocktail glasses, among others. 

The BarCode is here, under the helm of Kean, specialized in making your events memorable, fun and something definitely for the books. 

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